Rabbi Kirzner influenced thousands of people through his many Shiurim and activities.

With his outstanding clarity he brought to life deep Torah Hashkofos in a way that made them more easily understandable. His השפעה was so great that it literally changed the lives of countless people as they came to appreciate the greatness of the Torah hakedosha.

With his noble Midos, dynamic כוחות and magnetic Torah personality, he was outstandingly successful in being Mashpia authentic Torah ideals among many who were far from these concepts. He had the unique ability to communicate to even those farthest from Torah Hashkofo without compromising in any way whatsoever the Kedusha of Torah life.

Listening to his tapes, one begins to appreciate his greatness in being able to bring across deep Torah thoughts in their full complexity to diverse audiences of the Jewish community and still maintain uncompromisingly the Kedusha of the Hashkofos. Fortunately, Rabbi Kirzner left a large library of cassette tapes of his Shiurim. Listening to, and being inspired by, his tapes is a Zchus for his Neshomo – שפתותיו דובבות בקבר. It is also a source of נחמה to those who were close to him that his influence will continue to be felt indefinitely.